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AGM MINUTES Tuesday February 28th 2017

Time: 7.00pm
Place: Sandgate Town Hall, Corner Cliff and Seymour Streets, Sandgate, QLD
Present Committee
Chris Packman, Glenda Lawrence, Kerry Heath, Wendy Thomas, Greg Jones, Bridget Robson, Ron Fitzgerald
Peter Donato, Tim Yin, David Mudge, Susan Carr, Ron Liefekitt, Peter Lovely, Alex Adsett, Sandy Adsett, Dean Robertse, Michelle Whitmore, Trisha Bromley, Lillian Harrington

Apologies: Jenny Walsh, David Chivaro, Bill Thomas, Christine Linning
Notice and Quorum: The President, Chris Packman noted that a quorum was present and that the meeting had been convened.
Chris welcomed all members and thanked them for attending.
It was noted that no proxies had been received.

Previous Minutes from 2016 AGM:
All present had received a copy of the 2016 AGM minutes.
The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 10 February 2016 were noted as a true and correct record of that meeting.
Proposed: Kerry Heath Seconded: Peter Lovely
The minutes from the 2016 AGM were passed.
Matters Arising: It was noted there were no matters arising from the previous minutes.

President’s Report
Chris Packman presented his President’s Report (see attached).
The Committee would like to thank Chris for all his work as President and behind the scenes over the last 12 months.
Proposed: Glenda Lawrence Seconded: Greg Jones
Financial Report:
Kerry Heath presented the Financial Report for the last 12 months (copy available on request).
Kerry spoke to the report and noted that the bank balance was sitting at $11,836.93.
Proposed: Wendy Thomas Seconded: Trish Bromley
The Financial Report was passed.

Auditor’s Report:
The Auditor’s Report prepared by Tim Mead was tabled.
Proposed: Kerry Heath Seconded: Bridget Robson
The 2016 Auditor’s Report was passed.
Re-Appointment of Auditor Members voted to reappoint Mr Tim Mead as Auditor for 2017.
Proposed: Kerry Heath Seconded: Bridget Robson
The appointment of Tim Mead as Auditor for 2017 was passed.

Election of Membership Committee:
Wendy Thomas noted that 1 nomination had been received for Sound and Lighting Manager (Ron Fitzgerald).
All committee positions were declared vacant. All members present agreed to the following new office holders for 2017:
Management Committee for 2017
President – Alec Adsett
Vice-President – Glenda Lawrence
Treasurer – Kerry Heath
Secretary – Wendy Thomas
Stage Manager – Greg Jones
Lighting & Sound Manager – Ron Fitzgerald (up to end August 2017), Tim Yin (from September 2017)
Front of House Manager – Bridget Robson
Membership Officer – Bridget Robson
Bookings Officer – Chris Packman
Marketing & Grants – Kerry Heath
Publicity Officer – Greg Jones
Yarrageah Sub-Committee – Wendy Thomas, Kerry Heath, Michelle Whitmore, Glenda Lawrence
Members agreed to the creation of a new position – Production Manager. The person for this position will change for each show. It was noted that Greg Jones would act as Production Manager for the March and August shows.

Appointment of Patrons:
Jarrod Cassidy and Stirling Hinchcliffe have agreed to continue as Patrons for 2017.
Proposed: Wendy Thomas Seconded: Glenda Lawrence
The appointment of the Patrons for 2017 was passed.

General Business:
Wendy Thomas provided a bio on Loic Valmy who has expressed his interest in adjudicating Yarrageah in 2017. All members agreed that Loic be contacted to confirm.

Next Meeting:
The next Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday 10 April at Sandgate Hawks Football Club, Lemke Road, Taigum . Dinner available from 6pm, meeting to commence at 6.30pm. All members welcome to attend.

Meeting Closed
There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 8:00pm.



Thanks for coming everybody, it’s nice to see such a good role up. As you know, everyone here on the Management Committee will be stepping down tonight, so we’re hoping to see a few enthusiastic hands go up in the air when the time comes for nominations. But before we get into that, I would like to extend a great big thankyou to each and every committee members for all their time, efforts, contributions and enthusiasm over the past year.

You’ll find when it comes to the Treasurer’s Report that our theatre group has come along quite well financially these past few years. Each of our productions have been very successful. I think we can all feel quite proud of ourselves for the high standards we’ve been able to achieve.

We began 2016 all smiles and hopes of finally finding ourselves a new home base, and the auditorium at the old Evantide site was looking very promising. Lots of meetings and negotiations came to no avail unfortunately, and the venue proved to be exactly what we are experiencing here at the Town Hall, with no storage, only limited access for rehearsals and shows, and rent rates on a par with Brisbane City Council. It was simply a choice between six of one and half a dozen of the other.

Let it be known also, that Brisbane City Council are still giving us stick about storage below downstairs. Three or four members now have load and loads of costumes and props stored at their homes. Definitely not a good arrangement. Bookings here are getting harder and harder to get. Sandgate Theatre no longer has the priority with bookings that we did in the past. In fact, our Yarrageah Drama Festival (Yarrageah meaning the start of Spring for those not aware), has been bumped out to the first week of September, a booking we have held for forty odd years, then bumped out of the second weekend as well. If it keeps up we may end up with a Christmas Drama Festival instead.

But that’s more than enough of doom and gloom. I think it’s to Sandgate Theatre’s credit that we have been able to maintain a slow but steady growth over the past few years in spite of obstacles thrown up into our path, so be proud of what we’ve all achieved.

We have an excellent programme set up for this year “Who’s on First” is just ‘ and the best. Yarrageah has attracted a lot of interest from some local high school’s drama departments, and several new junior entries have already arrived. We’re predicting that this year, Yarrageah will be bigger and better than ever. We have two great musicals this year. In August we will be presenting “Brigadoon”, a well known classic, and in November we’ll see “The Song Contest – The Almost Eurovision Experience”. Lot’s of music, lots of laughs and lots of fun.

So, when we come to assembling a new management committee tonight, let’s all be keen and eager to throw our hands up. Some of our committee are happy to be re-nominated and some are keen to stand down for a well deserved rest. Some new faces and fresh ideas are always welcome. And be assured, whether you elect to be on the committee or not, every member of Sandgate Theatre is invited to attend regular committee meetings held on the second Monday of each month, to put forward any concerns, suggestions, and any helpful ideas on how to improve our club. Sandgate Theatre has been performing for 59 years and still going strong and that’s thanks to all our members. Let’s keep going from strength to strength.

Chris Packman
2016 President