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Audiences experienced a highly entertaining, sensory-stimulating music concert extravaganza as this production delivered a comedic take on the Eurovision Song Contest; featuring 11 countries including Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Italy, Iceland, UK, Ireland, Russia and Norway. True to the competition each entrant offered something very unique; sometimes quirky, sometimes cheeky, yet always tickling our funny bone.

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Cast & Crew

Katarina Vogbogalov - Judy Howard
MC - Royce Leivesley
Bettina Bitjakokov - Pat James
Ensemble Cast includes: Douglas Bristow, Fiona Smith, Katie Fletcher, Stephanie Wimpenny, Elke Gorenflo, Susie Bushnell, Stephen Smith, Georgia Gleeson, Judy Howard, Kirstin McLean & Royce Leivesley

Directed and choreographed by Sharyn Donoghue
Musical Direction by Hayley Marsh
Wardrobe by Kirsten McLean & Cast
Bookings by Chris Packman
Lighting Design & Effects by Chris Packman
Sound Design by Tim Yin
Sound Operation by Kate Brice
Multimedia Projection by Nigel Stewart
Set Design & Construction by Royce Leivesly
Backstage Management by Greg Jones / Sharyn Donoghue
Art Construction by Jess Keogh & Eliza Gilbert
Front Of House Management by Bridget Robson
Promotions & Publicity by Greg Jones
Photography by Peter Lovely
Programme Design by Glenn Wallace
Programme Imagery by James Davidson
Additional Crew - Talia Stewart & Alvie Stewart

(SEPTEMBER 2017 - our 42nd year!)

September 17 2017 / Adjudicator : Loic Valmy


Best Play of the Festival - Stockholm - Excalibur Theatre Company
2nd Best Play - Escape - Beenleigh Theatre Group
Best Director - Row Blackshaw - Beenleigh Theatre Group
Best Actor (Male) Drama - Rikard Zelterberg - Escape - Beenleigh Theatre Group
Best Actor (Female) Drama - Michelle Allan - Stockholm - Excalibur Theatre Company
Best Actor (Male) Comedy - Reagan Warner - Give Way - Anticlockwise Productions
Best Actor (Female) - Caitilin Jones - Not on the Usual Menu - Mousetrap Theatre Company
Best Supporting Actor (Male) - Mark Lucas - Stockholm - Excalibur Theatre Company
Best Supporting Actor (Female) - Jordan Brunne - Meeting Charlie - Mousetrap Theatre Company
Adjudicator Award - Miranda Matthews - Meeting Charlie - Mousetrap Theatre Company


Best Play - Big Guns - Roar Academy
2nd Best Play - Kaleidoscope - Beenleigh Theatre Youth
Best Actor (Male) - Jeremy Hauter - Big Guns - Roar Academy
Best Actor (Female) - Ashlee Hanley - When Everything Went Wrong for Rebecca Right
- St Benedict’s College Bare Feet Drama Club
Best Supporting Actor (Male) - Joshua Weiter - When Everything Went Wrong for Rebecca Right
- St Benedict’s College Bare Feet Drama Club
Best Supporting Actor (Female) - Opal Francis - Measure for Measure
- The Lakes College Strike Theatre
Best Director - Paula-Mary Camilleri - When Everything Went Wrong for Rebecca Right
- St Benedict’s College Bare Feet Drama Club
Adjudicator’s Award - Krystal Humphreys - When Everything Went Wrong for Rebecca Right
- St Benedict’s College Bare Feet Drama Club 

Thank you to the trophy sponsors - Councillor Jared Cassidy, Stirling Hinchliffe - Member for Sandgate, Glenda Lawrence, David Corrie, Kerry Heath & family, Wendy Thomas, Greg Jones, Christine Linning, Bridget Robson & Focus On Stage. (Trophies by Uni-Darts at Brighton)

Thank you to the support of our patrons - Councillor Jared Cassidy (Deagon ward) & Stirling Hinchliffe - Member for Sandgate.


Visit our database of current and previous actors, directors and crew who have contributed to the long history of the Sandgate Theatre Company.


Two American tourists stumble upon Brigadoon, a mysterious Scottish village that appears for only one day every 100 years. Tommy, one of the tourists, falls in love with Fiona, a young woman from Brigadoon.
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Cast & Crew

Lilian Harrington - Director
John Da Cruz - Tommy Albright
Alec Adsett - Jeff Douglas
Pat O'Callaghan - Mr Murdoch
Sally Anne Westendorf - Fiona MacKeith
Mark O'Connor - Charles Cameron
Michelle Whitmore - Meg Brockie
Marita Miles - Jean MacKeith
Sabrina Fontaine - Maggie Abernathy
Craig Stuart - Harry Ritchie
Ron Leikefett - Donald Ritchie & Frank (Barman)
Andrew West - Stuart Cameron
William Davies - Andrew MacKeith
Mikala Crawley - Jane Ashton
Paula White, Mikala Crawley, Pamela Pamplin, Kirstie Goff,
Marie Ellsworth, Sienna Maynard, Kay Roe, Marie Caney, 
Kerry Heath, Glenda Lawrence, Sabrina Fontaine, Paul Chong
- Townsfolk
Patricia Kiessler - Musical Direction & Keyboard
Lakshan Fernando - Drums
Malcolm Avery - Piper
Roland Clarke - Violin
Sumari Baron - Violin
Brendan Williams - Piper & Tin Whistle
Barbara McCullough - Choreographer (Highland Dancers)
Heather Clarke - Choreographer (Country Dancers)
Jon Quinn - Voice Coach
Haley Miners - Highland Dancer
Amanda Hayes - Highland Dancer
Connor Andrews - Highland Dancer
Julie Andrews - Highland Dancer
Emily Collis - Highland Dancer
Chris Packman - Stage Manager, Set Design & Bookings
Greg Jones - Assistant Stage Manager, Set Design & Publicity
Dean Robbertse - Stage Crew & Set Design
Sharyn Donoghue - Stage Crew
Mark Whitmore - Stage Crew
Tim Yin - Sound Operations
Peter Lovely - Lighting & Promotional Images
Darrell Nicol - Video Projection
Errol Westendorf - Props (Swords) 
Barbara & Sandra Bloodsworth - Costumes
Dean Maynard - Combat Coach
Christine Linning & Ian McKay - Dialect Coaching
Kerry Heath - Prompt


Take a husband, wife, lover and friend, add a strange lamp, a gun and a rubber chicken plus a party that begins at 8 p.m., then again at 8 p.m. and then again at 8 p.m. and you have this nightmare comedy. This hilarious stage comedy will appear at Sandgate Town Hall in March by arrangement with Origin Theatrical, on behalf of Samuel French, Inc. The experienced cast of four actors find themselves reliving one horrible hour over and over as themselves, as Japanese, as British aristocrats, as gangsters, and almost anything else you can think of.

10th, 11th, 17th & 18th March @ 7.30pm
Matinee 19th March @ 2pm

Cast & Crew

Michelle Whitmore - Director
Danny Cruise - Director & Don (The Husband)
Trisha Bromley - Camille (The Friend)
Fran Smith - Alice (The Wife)
David Mudge - Ben (The Lover)
Greg Jones & Peter Donato - Backstage
Chris Packman & Greg Jones - Publicity
Dean Robbertse - Lighting
Tim Yin - Sound
Peter Ross Murray - Promotional images

Click here to view the Photo Gallery for 'Who's On First?'
(Photography credit: Peter Lovely)


To the delight of it's fans everywhere the smash hit television comedy has been adapted to stage by its original creators. Double entendres are non-stop as the well loved staff of Grace Brothers department store prepare first for a sale of German goods and then depart en masse for a staff holiday at a 1 star hotel in Spain. Will the tropical heat, Spanish crumpet, giant woof-n-poofs and randy revolutionaries prove too much for our happy band? Not a bit of it! With the aid of a nuns habit, a bowler hat and Mrs Slocombe's Union Jack knickers they survive their holiday with everything intact but their modesty. Click here for our photo gallery.

18, 19, 25, 26 November @ 7.30pm
Matinees 20 & 27th November @ 2pm

Cast & Crew

Christine Linning - Director
Greg Jones & Peter Donato - Backstage
Michelle Whitmore - Mrs Slocombe
Elodie Boal - Miss Brahms
Kylie Donaghy - Miss Brahms (understudy)
John Honey - Mr Peacock
Paul Whelan - Mr Rumpole
Gary Clohesy - Mr Grainger
Greg Jones - Mr Mash & Mr Grace
Gary Farmer - Mr Humphries
Reagan Warner - Mr Lucas
Sheryl Salmon - Lady Customer & Taeresa
Justin Wallace - Male Customer
Shannon Bownds - Nurse & Concheta
Peter Lovely - Don Bernardo
Phillip Lawrence - Cesar

(SEPTEMBER 2016 - our 41st year!)

September 10 2016 (awards presented by MP Stirling Hinchliffe - member for Sandgate)

Adjudicator : Dr Brent Downes

Best Play of Festival - FLOUNCE - Excalibur Theatre
2nd Best Play of Festival - VIRAL - Roar Academy
Best Director - JOHN BOYCE - Brisbane Arts - (The Actors Nightmare)
Best Actor (male) Drama - RON LIEKEFETT - Sandgate (A Life Sentence)
Best Actor (female) Drama - JULIE BRAY - Front Row - (A cut in the rates)
Best Actor (male) Comedy - JONATHAN DEVIT- Brisbane Arts (the Actors Nightmare)
Best Actor (female) Comedy - Michelle Allan - Excalibur (Flounce)
Best Supporting Actor (male) - William Boyd - Beenleigh (Vivacious)
Best Supporting Actor (female) - Bernadette Smith - Front Row (A Cut in the Rates)
Adjudicator Award - Row Lea Blackshaw & Sammy Ge - Directors Beenleigh - (Vivacious)
Adjudicator Certificates - Suzanne Honour - Sandgate (A Life Sentence), Sally Lattin - Brisbane Arts - Director (Five Kinds of Silence), Craig Longoria - Mousetrap (Murder by Midnight), Cameron Smith - Brisbane Arts (Five Kinds of Silence), ROAR - (And then there was One)
Best Actor (male) Junior - Emerson McShea
Best Actor (female) Junior - Alice Simpson
Best Supporting Actor (male) Junior - Matthew Bapty
Best Supporting Actor (female) Junior - Zarlia Howland
Adjudicators Award Junior - THE CAST OF VIRAL - Roar

Thank you to the trophy sponsors - Councillor Jared Cassidy, Stirling Hinchliffe - Member for Sandgate, Glenda Lawrence, David Corrie, Kerry Heath & family, Wendy Thomas, Christine Linning & Bridget Robson. (Trophies by Uni-Darts at Brighton)

Thank you to the support of our patrons - Councillor Jared Cassidy (Deagon ward) & Stirling Hinchliffe - Member for Sandgate.


Sandgate Theatre Inc presented the social satire/comedy "Australia Day", written by playwright and satirist, Jonathan Biggins and directed by Chris Packman in August, 2016. Click here to visit our cast page.

Though the ceremonies performed on Australia Day are surprisingly moving, mainly because these are people who are eager to become Australians (the appreciate the values and opportunities the rest of us take for granted), the play challenges us to consider, when was it we became a nation of whingers. Somewhere along the line, have our values changed?

Let's face it, many of our regional communities have been confronted by change on multiple fronts. Tree changes on hobby farms with their radical green ideas, while in stark contrast, the multinationals crush the independents, and the internet connects everybody, yet no one.

It's time to get back to grass roots. Hopefully, as long as the Australia Day Organising Committees can find the strength to co-ordinate the sausage sizzle, the SES display, the school choir, and hand out native shrubs to welcome new Australians, we should take a moment to re-discover the self-effacing tolerance that made this country worthwhile in the first place.

"Australia Day" contains bags of good old Aussie humour, buckets of course language, loads of political in-correctness, and will probably offend just about everybody (or laugh yourself silly). Aren't Aussies best known for their ability to take the 'mickey' out of themselves?


BREAKFAST FOR ONE - Directed by Greg Jones.

A French Farce Comedy written by David Foxton. By permission of Origin Theatrical. The action takes place in the apartment of Monsieur and Madam Signac, in Paris 1895. The scene is set for a raucous comedy of mistaken identities, confusion and shotguns, with an unexpected happy ending for everyone.
Cast: Paul Lewis, Susie Bushnell, Trisha Bromley, Ron Leikefett & Peter Ross Murray. Click here for the image gallery.

A LIFE SENTENCE - Directed by Ronald Leikefett.

A Drama written by Mark Seaman. By permission of Lazy Bee Scripts. Music by permission of APRA. A wife talks about her struggle to cope with her husband’s dementia and the effects it had on their family in his final days.
Cast: Suzanne Honour & Tom Corbett. Click here for the image gallery.

LAST PANTO IN LITTLE GRIMLEY - Directed by Christine Linning.

A Comedy written by David Tristram. By permission of Origin Theatrical. Little Grimley Amdram Society is in trouble. With a membership of only four and the audience no bigger, it’s time for a change. There’s only one thing that sells tickets these days argues Gordon the Stage Manager; and that’s sex. Thus begins the chaos.
Cast: Rosemary Jarvis, David Corrie, Sandy Adsett & Alec Adsett.
Click here for the image gallery.


Written by Ray Lawrence / With permission from Lazy Bee Scripts

Directed by Peter Murray

A Comedy in Two Acts. It's two days before Tina Humphrey's wedding, and her parents Gerald and Daphne are expecting their daughter's future mother-in-law for dinner. However, with infidelity, illegitimate children, and a case of mistaken identity, all Daphne really wants to know is whether 'It's On', or if 'It's Off'.

Trisha Bromley as Daphne Humphreys
Royce Leivesley as Gerald Humphreys
Susie Bushnell as Tina Humphreys
Paul Lewis as Robert Humphreys
Michelle Whitmore as Angela Hill
Kim Wood as Monica Cauldwell

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Previous Productions
(1958 - 2015)

The following productions are being progressively added as information and images are attained.


Good Old Summertime
One Act Plays
Stepping Out
Yarregah 2015
Vicar of Dibley


A Basinful of the Briny
Lady Godiva
Yarregah 2014
Who's In Bed With The Butler?


A Night of Comedy
Calendar Girls
Yarregah 2013
It Could Be Any One Of Us

'Allo 'Allo
All My Sons
Yarregah 2012
The Very Merry Xmas Carol Holiday Adventure Show


Cafe One Acts
Time Out Variety Show
Yarregah 2011
We Found Love And An Exquisite Set Of Porcelain Figurines Aboard The SS Farndale Avenue

Beside The Seaside
Yarregah 2010
A Knight To Remember


Cafe One Acts
Jungle Fever
Yarregah 2009
Last Tango In Little Grimley


2008 Members Night
Cafe One Acts
The Outback Debutantes Ball
Yarregah 2008
Love's A Luxury
50th Anniversary Extravaganser


Arsenic and Old Lace
Cafe One Acts
Sailing South
Yarregah 2007
Driving Miss Daisy


Wyrd Sisters
Cafe One Acts
Mystery on the Orient Express
Yarregah 2006
Christmas Cabaret


Out of Sight... Out of Murder
Cafe One Acts
Rule Britannia
Yarregah 2005 
An Inspector Calls
The Opposite Sex


Play On
Cafe One Acts
The Farndale Ladies Townswomens Guild Production of They Came From Mars and Landed Outside the Farndale Avenue Church in time for the Townswomen's Guilds Coffee Morning
Run For Your Wife
Walk This Way


Flying Feathers
Cafe One Acts
Yarrageh 2003
Stage and Hens
Yuletide at Eventide


A Murder Is Announced
Cafe One Acts
A Wink At The Sphinx
Yarregah 2002
The Importance of Being Earnest


Cafe One Acts
Jungle Juice
Yarregah 2001
Travelling North
Christmas Cabaret


Murdered to Death


A Murder Is Announced


Beside The Seaside
The Habit
Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's production of 'Macbeth'
It's A Madhouse


And The Villain Was A Lady


Cafe One Acts
Cassowaries Don't Make Yen


Jest At The West
I've Got A Hunch


Baa, Baa Black Sheep
Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townwomen's Guild Dramatic Society Production Of A Christmas Carol
Cafe One Acts

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Love's A Luxury